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HD Brows, a Couture Brow Treatment..

Thinking of having HD Brows for the first time but not to sure what to expect? Read on as I explain in more depth what happens here, at Hidden Gem Beautique when you visit us for this fabulous treatment.

HD Brows are unlike any other brow treatment available within the industry as HD Brows deliver a ‘full brow overhaul’. I advise clients allow themselves between forty five minutes to an hour on their first visit, as it is a couture brow treatment that is completely bespoke to each client, as such it is tailored to each individual’s personality and needs.

I am proud of how many regular clients visit me time after time and are happy to tell me it is because I make them feel completely at ease. (Read some reviews here) I understand it can be nerve wracking, trust me, I never let anybody touch my brows apart from myself! I am a total brow obsessive and pride myself on being a true perfectionist.

On your first visit we can have a good in depth chat together to ensure I create the brows that we both have in mind, manage your expectations and ensure you will be happy with the results. I like to think of HD Brows as an ‘eyebrow journey’ and the time that it can take to build your perfect brow can differ greatly from person to person; however most people see a huge difference after their first treatment and they continue to improve after each visit.

I will insert a disclaimer here now though… this treatment is highly addictive and believe me when I say you will start to notice everybody else’s eyebrows as well! Even my husband pauses sky plus to ask me if the actress on the TV has ‘good brows’ or if ‘I could do something with those beauties?’ I have clients tell me that they have their eyebrows on their bill list, above electric and water!

Anyway back to the treatment itself. In order achieve the perfect HD Brows I use a variety of techniques which starts with tinting followed by waxing, threading (lots of ladies dislike this but I have a few who love it!) and tweezing, I then also show you how to enhance areas with HD Brow Make Up; Hidden Gem Beautique are very proud to be retailers of selected items of the HD Brows make up range.

You wouldn’t believe how many products are now available for brows! Please be sure to keep checking this blog as I am planning to start product reviews and explanations on these at some point.

Everybody is different, some people prefer a very natural look whereas other ladies may be looking for ultra-glam brows. Whatever the look you are going for I can help you to achieve it. I am able to demonstrate ways of using just a small amount of make-up on areas where your brows may be sparse or I can give you a tutorial on how to use make-up that will have your brows looking crisper, sharper and even more fabulous.

Let’s be honest; most of us have had a phase in our lives where we decided to totally butcher our eyebrows, so I find that most people need to go onto a ‘regrowth programme’. This involves me mapping the areas out for regrowth onto an aftercare leaflet for you to take away and giving you advice on how to grow your brows back.

I like to put a ban on tweezers and magnifying mirrors; why somebody ever saw fit to invent these devil mirrors is beyond me! What I can promise you is that when you come for your next treatment and see the difference, you will be overjoyed at the results.

Be warned, having amazing eyebrows can attract a lot of attention. Many of my lovely clients have random strangers asking them who does their brows, be it on a night out, in a coffee shop or even at the doctors. Their response - Charlotte Wyman, HD Brow Pro Stylist at Hidden Gem Beautique.

Choose to take your brows from Z list to A list and start your brow journey today! Email or call 07557029791.

Lots of love,

Hiddem Gem Beautique.. x

HD Brows Doncaster - Hidden Gem.jpg
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