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LVL Lashes are a girls real best friend...

Diamonds are gorgeous but I’ve always felt that eyelashes are a girl’s real best friend. Right from being a teenager I have always been obsessed with eyelashes, I would try every mascara on the market in my hunt for long, thick lashes that fluttered.

As I got older and the eyelash market grew I became a pro at sticking on falsies in a matter of seconds and eyelash curlers were always a firm favourite of mine. Unfortunately I would always feel deflated as I watched my eyelashes go back to being straight within minutes. There was also the fear that every time I used my eyelash curlers I was going to find my natural lashes stuck to the metal, everyone has had a friend this has happened to I am sure!

I then decided to go to a salon and try an eyelash perm. I liked the look initially as I really felt it enhanced my lashes, however, as a rod is used during the process it almost makes your eyelashes curl back on themselves and appear shorter (the one thing I was trying to avoid). After one particular perm I had a friend asked if I had cut my lashes off with curlers by accident! That for me was the end of my love affair with the bog standard eyelash perm.

Years passed and I continued to try new products as they entered the market; party lashes, lash extensions, eyelash tints to name just a few but they all left me wanting something more.

It was at a trade show that I first heard about LVL Lashes and I just knew I had to offer it at my salon. This was the treatment that so many of my clients had been waiting for and I knew it would become my new obsession! LVL Lashes stands for length, volume and lift, it is the latest technology in lash development and I am proud to say that Hidden Gem Beautique was the first salon to specialise and offer this treatment in its area.

I haven’t been blessed with gorgeous thick, long lashes like many of my ladies who I treat, but even after I had the LVL Lash treatment done to myself I couldn’t believe the difference. The morning after the LVL Lash treatment you wake and your eyes look instantly alert and much more sparkly. I literally looked wide eyed and bushy tailed, and from that moment I became an LVL Lash addict!

It has become a very popular treatment at the salon, and a firm favourite for brides and people who are going on holiday, as there is no need for mascara. For me personally the best part of delivering this treatment is when I pass the client the mirror and they can’t believe their eyes, ‘WOW’ is the most common response! People are amazed at the results and there is the added bonus that your eyes look younger and lifted without the need for any eye make-up.

LVL Lash Treatment is everything we stand for here at Hidden Gem Beautique, as it is ‘enhancing your natural beauty’. No need for eyelash curlers, false lashes or mascara…finally.

Contact Hidden Gem Beautique today on 07557 029791 for more information or to book in for this amazing treatment, a patch test is needed 48 hours prior to your appointment. You’re only one step away from making your eyelashes, your new best friend.


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