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LED light therapy masks can help you look younger...

Not only does LED light therapy help combat ageing by stimulating skin cells to promote collagen production, it is also an innovative method to treat skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

A treatment which is loved by Hollywood A-Listers such as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian.. It is loved by celebrities because it is a non-invasive results driven treatment, we also refer to it as the 'lunch time facial' as it is perfect for people who want results and no fuss.

When the skin is exposed to the light photoreceptors are activated making the skin absorb the lights energy. This process helps the biochemical circulation which stimulates the production of collagen. The reason why LED light therapy is good for the skin is because it reaches DNA cells and helps them recover from the damage suffered over the time. In the treatment different colour of lights are used and each one of them are responsible for treating one specific problem you might be suffering from.

The colour red is used in anti-aging treatments. The red light increases the production of collagen combating wrinkles. The purple light is a cell rejuvenator. When having purple lighting on your skin surface, it will help the cells regenerate and renew. Blue lights reduce the acne caused by bacteria, so this is the light used on acne treatments.

The treatment includes a cleanse, deep exfoliation, a galvanic gel mask is applied and then the LED mask is put onto the skin with the galvanic current mode for five minutes, we then remove the mask and the gel, and the LED mask is then put onto which light colour we think is needed for your skin for a further fifteen minutes. A Decleor serum is then applied with a spf Decleor day cream, clients have said they feel like they have a 'filter' on their skin the next day. It is recommended for you to have around 6 treatments to see the best results, however many clients have seen a massive improvement in their skin after just one treatment.

For a one off LED facial with the Galvanic current it is just £25, we always recommend if you want to look Red Carpet Ready and you have an important event coming up to book in for one of these amazing facials a few days in advance so you look and feel your best. We also offer packages which discounts the price even more, call us on 01427 857212 for more information.

If it's good enough for Kim K why not book in and have flawless skin like all the celebrities in time for the party season.. x abc

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